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January 23, 2022

Be Smart

People around the world are becoming aware of the fact that non-biodegradable plastic is bad for the environment

Your Guests Will Know

Over time your guests will really appreciate that you are using Biodegradable Products

Safe with Biodegradable

All of our products are 100% Biodegradable and therefore Environmentally safe to use 

Making an Impact Across the Globe


My name is Marcel but most people call me Mars.

Over the last decade we have seen more and more plastic coming onto our beaches, and business in the Khao Lak area are progressively getting more complaints from customers.
This is why we started looking into plastic alternatives and we found a liable company that is eager to provide our 100% biodegradable products that businesses are now asking for.

Get the appreciation from your guests by showing acknowledgment of the use of biodegradable products with our certificate of authenticity to display at your business.

Should you have any questions, and/or are you interested in getting started with eco-friendly biodegradable products.
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