Biodegradable Products

MK Bio Supplies’ showroom of biodegradable products. Should any questions arise please just get in touch.

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6″ Spoons – Forks – Knives




4″ Thai Spoons

4″ Thai Spoons

Takeaway Cups

12oz Cup

16oz Cup

22oz Cup

Lids for Takeaway Cups

12oz Flat

12oz Domed

16-22oz Flat

16-22oz Domed

Coffee Cups & Lids

Coffee Cups & Lids

Round Pots with Lids

Round Pots with Lids 210ml-480ml-700ml

Round Pots with No Lids

Round Pots with No Lids 500ml-700ml-1000ml

Carrier Bags – Bin Bags

Carrier Bags – Bin Bags

Takeaway Boxes

Takeaway Boxes

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